Review of General Stock Corporation

Sometimes referred to as a “C” Corporation, (i.e., Exxon, DuPont. etc.). A General Stock Corporation is a legal business entity, which acts under the law as a separate entity, distinct from the shareholders who own it and which has the right to issue stock and exist indefinitely. Taxes are imposed upon the corporation rather than through its shareholders. When profits (after taxes) are distributed to the shareholders they must pay tax on that money as income.

Basic incorporation costs are as low as $188.00.

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Review of Close Corporation

Very similar to General Stock Corporations, however, the stock is not freely traded, and is held by only a few shareholders. In Delaware, there are thirty shareholders or less, and the shareholders can elect “S” Corporation status with the IRS so that taxes are imposed on the shareholders rather than the corporation. Even though the tax liability “flows through” to the shareholders, the corporation must still file a tax return. This eliminates the “double taxation” of General Stock corporations.

Basic incorporation costs are as low as $188.00.

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Review of Limited Liability Company

A Limited Liability company acts in many ways like an “S” Corp. but without some of the paperwork hassles. Members of an LLC can split earnings and ownership percentages based upon their membership agreement. The I.R.S. allows treatment as a partnership or a corporation for LLC’s that have more than one member. The default tax status for a multi-member LLC is partnership (files form 1065). In order to elect to be taxed differently the company must file form 8832. The governing document of the LLC is called the Operating Agreement (a contract between the members) and it will define when meetings are to be held. This is a much more flexible document than the General Corporation Law which governs the activities of corporations.

Basic formation costs are as low as $189.00.

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Review of Mail Forwarding

We offer a simple and efficient mail forwarding service. Your company mail arrives at our office, which is your registered office. We then handle the mail per your instructions.

In most cases, all mail will be repackaged and forwarded on a weekly basis. We will forward only First Class U.S. letter Mail (No bulk mail, magazines, or courier items) we will not forward packages except on an individual basis. Only first class letter mail qualifies for our mail forwarding service.

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Review of Virtual Office

Our Virtual Office Package includes a Delaware voicemail/fax number that delivers up to 200 combined voicemails and faxes per month directly to your email inbox plus 24 pieces of Mail Forwarding per year.

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Review of Business Presence

If your business needs to actually do business in Delaware, or if the activity you require in Delaware qualifies you as “doing business” in Delaware, this is the package you will need.

With our Business Presence Package you receive the Delaware voicemail/fax number, 24 pieces of mail forwarding per year, plus you may use our address as a business address, including the right to use our address on a State of Delaware Business License. For those who need the Business Presence Package without the Delaware voicemail/fax number, we can offer a Limited Business Presence Package at a discounted price.

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Review of Misc. Invoice Payment

You can use this secured form to pay your Delaware Intercorp invoice for annual registered agent fees, mail forwarding, and other Delaware Intercorp services, with your VISA, MasterCard or American Express card.

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Review of EZ File

Electronically file your corporation annual report and pay your annual franchise tax to the Delaware Division of Corporations online. The EZ File system will store your annual report details for simple online management. No need to resubmit the same info; change only what needs to be changed from year to year. It’s fast, convenient and affordable.

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Review of Franchise Tax Payment

Electronically pay your Delaware LLC annual franchise tax online. It’s fast, convenient and affordable.

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