About the Reviewer of the States’ Pages

William Slawski is a graduate of the University of Delaware and the Widener University School of Law. In his many employment incarnations, he has been:

  • a card-carrying member of the AFL-CIO Machinists and Aerospace Workers Union, building industrial plastics machinery;
  • a professional chef in restaurants, and for a sorority house;
  • a legal research assistant, investigating primary and secondary resource materials for determining the costs of natural resources damages;
  • an intern to the staff attorney at a courthouse, using statistics to help implement changes to procedures in case processing;
  • an administrative manager in a courthouse, overseeing data entry and generation and processing of paperwork, and implementation of court orders.
  • A Computer Network Administrator in a courthouse, helping to ensure that the legal system has the technology to meet its needs.
  • An internet marketing professional, working with Fortune 500 companies, universities, professional organizations, business-to-business service providers, and others, to make their sites easier to find on the web, and easier to use.

After earning an undergraduate degree in English while working full time in restaurants as a chef, this reviewer of state pages decided to turn his hands towards the law.

Fortunately, a roadblock presented itself while in law school - access to lexis/nexis. Virtually unlimited access to a database of legal opinions, and newspapers and magazines from around the world presented more of a thrill than the thought of zealous advocacy in a courthouse setting.

Imagine this writer’s delight, when, with law degree freshly in hand, he came across the internet. Mr. Slawski is available to take your comments at slawski@delawareintercorp.com.

While you’re here, take advantage of our links to see how other states have set up their home pages, and how they regulate the incorporation process. Be sure to check the regulations for each state in which you will be doing business. Registration as a foreign corporation is the law in all fifty states.