Quick Reference Filing Guide to Alaska


“North to the Future” is the motto for the State of Alaska. Their web page is a trailblazing endeavor, filled with information and services. Alaska has captured a considerable amount of information that will make you want to explore the Last Frontier. The business link from the first page leads to more information than you can look through in a couple of casual visits to the site. So set yourself down, and be prepared to spend some time on their pages to learn about business in Alaska.


The Department of Community and Economic Development is a large body overseeing a number of different divisions. In addition to overseeing the incorporation process, occupational and business licensing are part of the responsibilities of some of the divisions in this Department. Their pages are well organized and will lead you to the information you want to find quickly. The contact information below is for general inquiries. If you have questions regarding the functions of the individual divisions, contact information is available on the pages of those divisions.

Business Registration

The Office of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing has forms and information regarding fees to incorporate in Alaska, and to register as a foreign corporation, available on their site, as well as an online filing option for most simple domestic corporations. Other topics include; selecting a name, trademarks, service of process, and statutes and regulations. The Corporate Section is very helpful in describing its many services and many of the legal requirements for setting up a corporate presence in Alaska.


The pages of the Alaska Department of Revenue provide a comprehensive display of the inner workings of Alaska’s Department of Revenue, from child support issues, to an unclaimed property database. There are a complete 2000 tax forms for corporations available.


On the Alaska State Legislature page, Alaska’s statutes, legislation, and constitutional and administrative provisions, are accessible and easily searchable. There’s also some other compelling reading to be found, including information about legislative finance, ethics, and research. If you want to find out about the legislative process in Alaska, their site is a fine place to look.