Quick Reference Filing Guide to California


California’s web site is well organized, and interesting reading. In addition to making information easily available, some topical issues play center stage in the middle of the page. Keeping track of the large number of state agencies in the Golden State cannot be an easy task, but here it is done well. The site is very helpful to the individual hoping to start out in a business in California. Begin by clicking on their link to “Business” for a jump start for your business plans. If you have questions about running a business in California, the agencies that link leads to are a good place to begin looking for answers.

Secretary of State

The Office of the Secretary of State in California points you to appropriate California code sections for many answers to your business formation questions. In addition to many other responsibilities, the Secretary’s Office is responsible for receiving and recording corporate filings in the State of California. The California Business Portal has some very useful information regarding setting up a business organization, and about trademarks. A full selection of forms are available for Limited Liability Companies and Corporations, as well as some very helpful Frequently Asked Question’s sections. It’s recommended that you take a look at their FAQ if you are going to be conducting business in California.

Business Development

There's a lot of useful information about permits, licensing, legal requirements for employers, and many other subjects through the California Business Portal pages. The sections on "establishing a business in California" are highly recommended. They include the answers to many questions about starting and running a business in California.


In addition to some helpful frequently asked questions sections regarding financial obligations and business structures, corporation tax forms in PDF format are available for downloading at the California Franchise Tax Board. The area you want make certain you look over is the Business Tax section which focuses upon your business responsibilities under California's laws.


At the California Senate’s California Law pages, investigate California’s 29 Codes and California Bills with a subject and keyword search. The FAQs and Links page is also helpful, providing other useful resources about law in California.