Quick Reference Filing Guide to Connecticut


Connecticut is an easily usable and informative site. You can navigable quickly through the Constitution State’s pages, performing a search from the opening page, or accessing helpful FAQ’s which will lead you where you want to go. Graphics are used very sparingly, but effectively, and it is a visually pleasing site. Take a visit to see how very efficient, and effective a state government homepage can be when its authors’ strive for that result, and succeed.

Secretary of State

The mission statement of Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz is available on her pages, as well as information concerning the many functions her office performs. The Commercial Recording Division is the department of the Secretary’s Office which handles the incorporation process. The Division receives filings and approves, indexes and provides information about commercial transactions and businesses. A list of phone numbers, and of fees, are available for the Division at this site. A wide variety of topics are covered in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Commercial Recording Division’s pages. Many forms are now online for domestic and foreign corporations, and limited liability companies.

Business Development

The Department of Economic and Community Development has a commendable site, with business information on a variety of topics. Nice and clean, and easy to read and understand, this is a source of information on how Connecticut Government can help you to begin in business, and thrive in Connecticut.


There’s some fairly comprehensive information on fulfilling tax obligations when starting a business on the pages of the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services. It doesn’t make for easy reading on a computer terminal, but you'll probably want to print it out. If you’re interested in taxes, their site has more information for download than most. Connecticut is serious about taxes, and the Department’s web site shows it. They want to make certain that everyone pays their fair share. Check out the list of the top 100 Delinquent Taxpayer Accounts to see how truly serious they are.


The Connecticut General Assembly’s site has an extensive catalog of laws that are very searchable. In addition to present legislation, you can search through existing statutes. There is also a lot of information about how the Connecticut legislative branch functions.