Quick Reference Filing Guide to Georgia


The Georgia Technology Authority wants to make Georgia a leader in e-government. If this means that online services should be readily available, information should be easy to find, and the pages of the Peach State’s site should be easy to search and read, then you could say they are their way towards meeting that goal. The front page has a limited number of categories, but when you click on one of those links, you're led to a serious amount of information. One of those categories is “Business Services” and it’s a good starting off point to find out more about creating a company in Georgia.

Secretary of State

The Corporations Division of the Secretary of State’s Office is responsible for filings with the government for your business formation and registration. Forms can be downloaded from their site in PDF format. Instructions for filing are also available. Very highly recommended is the First Stop Information Center, which will provide you with essential information for doing business in Georgia. You can conduct a corporate business entity search at the Corporations section, and reserve a name, view the Georgia Code, get applications for trademarks, and read a comprehensive frequently asked questions section. Their office wants to be known as the most user friendly agency in the state. Considering the strength of Georgia’s pages as a whole, that's a tall order, but it is possible that they have achieved some success in this goal.


Downloadable tax forms and publications may be procured from the Department of Revenue’s site, as well as information regarding tax credits for Georgia businesses. Department of Revenue sites tend to be the most comprehensive in terms of providing information to the public. Georgia doesn’t prove to be the exception to the rule.


The Georgia Code is available online in a searchable format from the pages of the Georgia Senate, through the link to legislative services. You can find out more about the Senate and the House of Representatives from their pages including daily and weekly updates of legislative activity. You can also listen in via real audio to Senate and House sessions, or revisit older sessions in their archives.