Quick Reference Filing Guide to Indiana


It’s not difficult to navigate the Access Indiana Information Network. Not only is it searchable, but you can explore it in an option of ways. The “Featured Sites” link leads to some very interesting links, that can give you a glimpse into the personality of the State of Indiana. While accessIndiana charges for a number of services that might be free on other pages, they also include a great deal of information that’s unavailable from many other states.

Secretary of State

The Secretary of State of Indiana is responsible for receiving registrations of business filings, trademarks, notaries, elections and securities. Many forms may be downloaded from the Secretary’s site, and other services are now in place such as searching for business names, and checking for name availability.

Business Information

The State Information Center has a very helpful section on operating a business in Indiana. This is the page to go to first. The vital links from this page are:

* General Requirements for Starting Your Business,
* Specific Licensing and Permitting Issues,
* Form for Registration of Assumed Business Name,
* Indiana Department of Revenue District Offices;


Is Indiana indeed an “Excellent Business Location?” The Business Development Division of the Department of Commerce attempts to answer that question with a positive “Yes,” as they provide information on subjects such as comparative costs of living, business incentives and tax issues. Their site is very comprehensive - plan on spending some time there, if you visit. There are interesting facts, and statistics to view, as well as a number of grant programs, and other opportunities.


The Department of Revenue has corporate tax forms available for download. This site has blossomed into one of the most useful state taxation sites on the internet. Make note of the General Tax form for Business, which is used to register with the State for: sales tax, withholding tax, food & beverage tax, county innkeeper tax, motor vehicle rental excise tax, and prepaid sales tax on gasoline.


A comprehensive legislation section is presented in the pages of the Indiana General Assembly, including pending legislation, a link to the Indiana code, information on committee action, and indications of which citations are affected by pending legislation. Parts of these pages are updated daily, and others on an hourly basis. The Bill Drafting Manual included on their pages gives you an insight into how Indiana Bills are shaped into Laws.