Quick Reference Filing Guide to Kansas


accessKansas is brought to us by the Information Network of Kansas (INK), and provides an easy to use interface, much free information, and some subscription services. The subscription service allows dial up access to many state records at discount prices. Consult the subscription pages for full details on prices and the premium services offered. There are a considerable amount of offerings that do not require a subscription to INK, including a link on the front page titled “Operating a Business in Kansas,” which will bring you to invaluable information.

Secretary of State

The Secretary of State is responsible for regulating the incorporation process. He has made available most of the forms needed to create and run a business in Kansas. Their Corporate Handbook (PDF) is sixteen pages of frequently asked questions on their business services, including information on corporations, limited liability companies and Kansas law.


The Kansas Department of Commerce and Housing’s (new window) Business Development Division is the first stop you should take if you’re interested in starting a business in Kansas. On their Publications page, download “Steps to Success: A Guide to Starting a Business in Kansas” for some really helpful information.


A fairly full compliment of tax forms, and some information for businesses about taxes awaits you at the Kansas Department of Revenue. Information on, and forms for telefiling are also available. The Policy Library appears to hold some useful information, but it is in a lotus notes format that may be difficult to navigate with a small monitor. The Policy Library contains department policy related documents, including selected statutes and regulations, information guides, and revenue rulings. The information guides include information for filing corporate taxes, but they tend toward the technical side.


The Kansas Legislative Services page makes it easy to find statutes, and information about pending legislation. If you want to review the annotations and legislative information regarding a statute, you will have to subscribe to the INK network. But you no longer have to be a subscriber to access the Kansas Statutes online. You can also listen (for free) to live deliberations via realplayer.