Quick Reference Filing Guide to Maryland


The Old Line State gives you a lot of information on Maryland’s pages. The Maryland Pages bring you to well over one-hundred state agencies, including a keyword search option and allows you to link to cities, counties and communities. It also contains links to the many schools in Maryland. Their Business pages lead you to some really helpful information.

Business Registration

In most states the Secretary of State regulates the incorporation process. In Maryland, the State Department of Assessments and Taxation is responsible for providing that service. They have made business forms available online for downloading in PDF format. They also include some invaluable guidelines for drafting business organization documents. There are a multitude of local assessment branches throughout the state in addition to the address listed below. Check the Department’s website for the full list.

Business Development

The Department of Business and Economic Development has a set of sophisticated looking pages. The job of praising Maryland as a place to do business falls to this agency. They do a good job of promoting Maryland tourism and business development.


Amongst the many links at the Maryland Judiciary’s site is the People’s Law Library. Be sure to visit the People’s Law Library for help in dealing with the court system in Maryland. The Law Library is an experiment in providing plain English translations of legal concepts and requirements. Attorneys are not allowed to become members, but they can become supporters of the Library, and best of all, membership is free. The Law Library covers such things as landlord / tenant disputes, divorce, bankruptcy and family court. There’s also some information for business in the Business License Brochure. Court opinions, searchable and downloadable back through 1992, are also available.


Bill Information and Status, House and Senate Proceedings, Bill indexes and Profiles, and Hearing Schedules by Committee or Date are available and fully searchable at the Maryland General Assembly’s site.