Quick Reference Filing Guide to Massachusetts


Massachusetts has expended considerable effort to bring the various communities that make up Massachusetts together on the web. Viewers can look up many towns and municipalities online and get information on voting, motor vehicles, city, county and state services as well as references to the community by federal agencies by following the links provided. The “Business/Economy” link from the main page leads to so many links for pages and publications that you could easily feel overwhelmed very quickly - though the information presented can be extremely useful.

Secretary of State

A biography of the Secretary, and access to him through email are available on his site. The Corporations Division is most directly responsible for corporate formation and records. A variety of forms, instructions and information is presented. Useful information fills the Secretary’s pages, on the process of preparing and filing business formation documents.

Business Development

The pages of the Office of Business Development are clearly presented and sophisticated. While they fail to offer a no-frames version, theirs is one of the best uses of frames in all the states’ pages. The information presented makes one want to contact the office to find out more. Massachusetts has tax incentive programs for export, minorities, women, and job creation. The State also offers assistance in training, financing and marketing of your business or product. The Smaller Business Program offers weekly workshops regarding how to grow your family business. Free brochures on small business development are available by mail. The Office’s site is a must see for a person interested in small business.


The cheerful and bright icons on the face of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue site can’t disguise the professionalism that brings you useful information in a manner that’s easy to use. The people at the Department of Revenue in Massachusetts appear to recognize that the easier it is for the public to understand their tax obligations, the more likely that those obligations will be satisfied. Very well done!


The text of current statutes is now available, and is updated every five weeks. The General Court of the Commonwealth also has a bill tracking system that is updated weekly. This Legislative Tracking System is searchable by bill number or key word. The system is very easy to use and informative.