Quick Reference Filing Guide to Montana


The Treasure State includes some very sharp looking pages at the Discovering Montana website, and some useful information. The pages are attractive, and easy to navigate. You’re a few clicks away from Business information by clicking on the link to “Doing Business.” Discovering Montana is a page that is a pleasure for visitors to Montana, and citizens, by highlighting tourist information, and providing considerable services for the public.

Secretary of State

The Secretary of State has most of the information about registering a company in the Business Services section, where you can find out about how corporate records are filed and maintained, and also about; assumed business names, registration of marks, and trademarks. They also have a forms page which is a very helpful resource and a fairly complete guide to Montana Business information.


The Department of Commerce is very involved in economic development in the state, and their commitment to service shines through on their pages. Contact them for information on obtaining a business license. From building codes to natural resources, international trade to tourism and licensing, they cover a lot of ground.


The Montana Department of Revenue is well organized and helpful. Their pages are business friendly, and contain a great deal of information that make it easy to learn about licensing and tax requirements.


In addition to the Montana Code, at the Montana Legislative Branch Home Page, you can learn about legislation and legislators, contact the fraud hot-line, and view the Interim newsletter.

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