Quick Reference Filing Guide to New Hampshire

New Hampshire

The Granite State has a plain, no nonsense, website that can help you find the information that you might need to learn more about the services they provide. They have come a long way over the past couple of years, and many of the agencies in New Hampshire now have a web presence. There is a wealth of information to be found on their pages.

Secretary of State

The web site of the Secretary, is filled with information about elections, the incorporation filing process, the Uniform Commercial Code, Securities Regulation, and Records Management and Archives. Forms, business licenses and other subjects are covered on his pages. The specific place to go for forms and fee schedules is the N H Corporation Division. The telephone number that they have listed to find out specific information on corporations and to reserve a corporate name is: 603-271- 3246.

Business Information

The Business Finance Authority provides loan information for small businesses. After reviewing the information they’ve made available online, you can fill out a form on their pages to request additional information. The News Letter at their site is useful for gathering insight into the economic climate of New Hampshire.


At the Department of Revenue Administration, they do a very good job of describing the various revenues that the state collects. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights, and the many sections on their site are helpful in giving you information about how they function. There is a section on “Who do I contact to Register My Business in New Hampshire?” in their Frequently Asked Questions section that anyone starting a business in New Hampshire should spend some time looking over.


When you visit the General Court of New Hampshire online, you can find much information about the legislators of the State of New Hampshire, and the laws that they have helped to fashion. Statutes are present at their site, under the “Miscellaneous” link from the main page. I was amazed to learn that the House of Representatives has 400 members! Though there is some interesting information on these pages, I wish there was more to tell me how the House came to be the “the third-largest parliamentary body in the English speaking world.”