Quick Reference Filing Guide to North Carolina

North Carolina

North Carolina has made it very, very easy to find information about conducting business in the State. Click on the “Business” link from their front page, to find a ton of information about running a business in North Carolina. Pages about licenses, permits, motor vehicle use, environmental considerations, and many other topics, greet you as you browse through that link. Internet users in North Carolina have a decided advantage over non-users when it comes to finding information in the Tar Heel State.

Secretary of State

A biography of the Secretary, and email address are present on the Department of State’s pages. The Secretary is responsible for regulating the incorporation process. Forms, business licenses and other subjects are covered on her pages. The specific place to go for forms and fee schedules is the Corporation Division. They provide up to the minute forms, fee schedules and instructions. The corporate records search engine is a valuable addition to the site. You can check name and corporate status on-line! Truly a marvel, this page is in the top ten in hits on the State server.


Much less technical and more promotional is the Department of Commerce site. Information regarding statistics of the state, industries and locations is provided here. The Small Business and Technology Development Center offers a variety of publications to help you grow your business in North Carolina. See the Small Business Assistance link from the main page.


Income tax forms and instructions for businesses are available at the North Carolina Department of Revenue web site. The instructions are a good place to get some insight to your tax liabilities, and are the only form of information regarding business taxes at the Department's site.


Visit North Carolina’s refreshingly well organized Legislative site. North Carolina's current statutes are online, as well as up-to-date news, audio broadcasts, and the ability to search through legislation a number of ways.