Quick Reference Filing Guide to Oklahoma


There’s a simple yet sophisticated look to the pages of the Sooner State. The front page provides a number of topics, which lead to a considerable amount of information, including the “Popular” link, which leads to the most frequently requested information on their pages. That level of responsiveness makes their presentation of services very effective. A “Business” link from the front page will bring you to links of the the major agencies in Oklahoma the handle business and commerce.

Secretary of State

Oklahoma’s Secretary of State strives to make his agency’s presence on the internet as customer friendly as possible, and they are happy to fill you in on information about the office responsible for the registration of your corporation. Many forms and detailed procedures for filing are present in PDF format, including those for foreign corporations.


More than just a link to tax information, the Department of Commerce breaks down some of the other costs involved in starting a corporation. Business costs and taxes are covered fairly well in these pages, as are the incentives and advantages to be found in locating your business in Oklahoma. Not only that, but the Department will also help you find a location. International business information is also covered very well, on their pages.


Warning; upon entering the Oklahoma State Courts Network, you may believe you mistakenly entered a commercial site. This impressive looking set of pages includes links to the Oklahoma Statutes and Opinions as well as information regarding the current term. This site is very well produced. It should prove to be a valuable tool for the law enforcement and legal community. State pages don’t usually look this good. It is one of the best state sites on the internet.


At the Oklahoma Tax Commission, follow the “Business Information” link to a step by step guide to starting your business in Oklahoma. The guide offers information from a perspective that allows you to consider the tax implications of your business formation decisions. Business tax forms are downloadable from their pages as well. They also cover Unemployment Insurance Taxes, and lead you to the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission for more details.


To find out about the Oklahoma Legislature, visit the Oklahoma Legislature Information System. Oklahoma Statutes are searchable, as are the status and text of measures before the legislature. Being able to search through the statutes allows you to research such topics as which words can't be used in the name of a corporation doing business in Oklahoma.