Quick Reference Filing Guide to Oregon


What benefits does the Oregon homepage bring to the entrepreneur? Many, if you take the time to look through their links, and find all the little tidbits of information that can help you plan. Follow the the Business/Commerce link to the many resources that the Beaver State has to offer. The first place to stop if you’re interested in starting a business in Oregon is the Oregon Business Guide in the Secretary of State’s pages.

Secretary of State

Secretary of State Bill Bradbury is responsible for regulating the incorporation procedures. Check out the Oregon Business Guide for a pretty comprehensive description of the business formation process in Oregon. With the inclusion of the new Business Registry, and the Business Guide, the Secretary’s pages have become a very useful source of information and are highly recommended. The Oregon Blue Book, online edition, is also a great addition to the Oregon pages.

Business Development

Business development incentives and many other programs are detailed by the Economic and Community Development Department in their efforts to bring “more and better jobs” to Oregon. The listing of incentive programs available is impressive:

* Entrepreneurial Loans
* Loan Guarantee Programs
* Subordinated and Direct Loans
* Revenue and General Obligation Bonds
* Tax Credits and Exemptions

The Economic and Community Development Department encourages you to contact the nearest office for details.


Find out about your potential tax liabilities under the Oregon Department of Revenue. They've increased the amount of information that you can access on their pages, and have a number of business related topics that you can read about.


On the pages of the Oregon State Legislature, you can search an index of current legislative activities through the Legislative Gopher or through a variety of search engines. The Oregon Revised Statutes are also online. The Oregon legal code writers have compiled a considerable amount of legislative information for your viewing pleasure.