Quick Reference Filing Guide to Rhode Island

Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, unlike most states, the Secretary of State runs the show online. The State homepage is the Secretary of State’s Public Information Kiosk. That doesn’t mean that information regarding state agencies isn’t available, but rather that it is organized differently than in the other states. There are a number of search tools from the main page, including a link to “Find-it! Rhode Island” that can help you find the other government pages pages in the State.

Business Registration

Since we open above directly with the Secretary’s page, our link directs you to the Secretary’s business link pages, the “First Stop Business Information Center.” Included is contact information to lead you to more information about creating a business in Rhode Island. Other interesting information from the Secretary’s business pages includes a listing of corporations registered to do business in Rhode Island. The list includes address, home state, date of incorporation, etc. New registrations are updated weekly.


The Division of Taxation provides year end tax forms of all types. An application for a certificate of good standing is even available online. A simple, logical and easy to follow set of questions leads one right to the information needed. The newsletters issued by the Division are a good way to keep up to date on changes in the tax laws.


The Rhode Island Code can be found by title or searched by topic and key word. Also, visit the home of the General Assembly. You can listen to a speech from the Speaker of the House, or watch him in an AVI video clip. Highly recommended is the Student/Teacher Guide, where you can find out a great amount about the history of the state and the General Assembly. The facts and figures section of the guide has many colorful thumbnails you can expand into larger images, giving you a glimpse of Rhode Island with some nicely written annotations.