Quick Reference Filing Guide to South Carolina

South Carolina

Navigating around the web pages of the Palmetto State is an ideal way for citizens and visitors to learn about the State of South Carolina and the many services it has to offer. Up-to-date State news, featured pages, informative and timely information, and nicely organized pages fill South Carolina's site. The link from the front page labeled “Business” leads to a business related index offering many helpful links.

Secretary of State

The Secretary of State handles Corporate registration and other duties in the State. The Secretary’s website included many features, including online forms in Adobe Acrobat format. Instructions are included for filing in South Carolina. Note that if you are going to file articles of incorporation for a domestic corporation in South Carolina, that the articles must be signed by a South Carolina attorney.


You can learn about the business advantages South Carolina has to offer through the Department of Commerce. The Department’s site includes a good overview of the business climate in South Carolina, including available business resources and the state’s plans for future economic development, and how the government intends to implement those plans.


Business tax requirements are covered fairly well in the pages of the Department of Revenue, and, if what you want to know isn’t present, contact information is also provided at the site. Many forms are also available, including federal tax forms.


The South Carolina Legislature Online contains links to the legislators and to an index of bills and laws. The laws are indexed by year back to 1992. South Carolina’s Code of Laws are also available at the legislative pages under the research tab from the main page.