What do our clients have to say about us?

    Re: Update

    "Thank you so much for making this as painless as possible – great job and I will certainly recommend Delaware Intecorp to anyone asking me (feel free to use me as a reference). I have done this several times before and I have to say you have made it about as easy as it can be since we’re working with the the Delaware Government, US Government and the PRC government!"



    Re: SNYPPT INC. Shipment Date Assigned

    "Thanks..., you have been prompt and proactive! I am impressed by the service."

    Snyppt Inc.


    Re: 7TH DEGREE Inc.- Filing Confirmation

    "... you and your team are fantastic and I could not have hoped for better service! Glad to be a customer!"

    7TH DEGREE Inc.


    RE: Delaware Boat Registration

    "... thank you very much, this is great and very fast, American efficiency I love it."

    Best Regards,

    Andrea Tardini


    To the team at Delaware Intercorp:

    "Thank You. A truly professional team my whole experience has been great every query answered quickly the whole process flowed from start to finish ,thanks for the help will recommend you to others in Australia"




    "This morning I received the FedEx box with the company documents. Thank you once again for being so prompt. FYI I registered another company with your agency about 15 years ago and it's a pleasure to see that your service still remains great."

    Best regards,



    Re: BoxTop Technologies (USA) Inc.

    "... many thanks for all your help with this matter, I appreciate your prompt attention, clear communication and positive assistance and will be happy to recommend your services in future."

    Kind Regards,

    Christopher Hewlett
    BoxTop Technologies Limited


    "You guys are great!... seriously, you are.
    I was using the Company Corporation. Never again.


    David Bartone
    Life Metrics Inc.


    Re: Filing Confirmation

    "Thank you very much for your help. I received the papers this morning at my house in Toronto, ON. I am very pleased with how fast everything moved, and the exceptional services I have received...


    Chander Dhaliwal
    Zooked Inc.


    Re: Inquiry !

    "With the human treasure in Delaware InterCorp (people like you and Robin), I believe I've found my long-lasting agent within USA...

    Thanks again Kelly,

    With lots of respect,

    Dr. Tarek Oraby
    Inventor & Founder,


    Re: Our Human Planet Inc.

    "I would just like to take a few minutes and express my utmost appreciation for all you and your team does. There is definitely no shortage of absolute customer service and people going out of their way to make sure that the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. I have now registered a couple businesses through your service and looking forward to help setup another one in the next coming months. Thank you for not just providing a service to help business get registered, but further going above and beyond providing phenomenal customer service.

    Upward and onward!"


    William Fleming


    Re: Excel Green Technology Inc.

    "It was a pleasure working with Delaware Intercorp, Inc. to form my recent company: Excel Green Technology. Their web site is beautifully designed and navigation is very intuitive. I could complete my on-line application in no time. Once I completed my application, their staff member that worked me - Ms. Kelly Magaw was so helpful, courteous and pleasure to work with. She guided me through all details via emails. Within a few days our company was officially incorporated with Employer Identification number (EIN). And the cost was very reasonable.

    What more any can ask for!

    I highly recommend their firm for start up businesses."

    Rama Rao, Excel Green Technology


    Re: Delaware Intercorp, Inc. Order

    "That's great. Your service has really been impeccable, thanks very much. I am sure we will continue to work together.
    Thank you."

    Nick Dangerfield


    Re: Prior Years

    "Thank you again for yet another year of excellent support and service from Delaware Intercorp. I estimate that your reliability and service levels save me many hundreds of Dollars and more importantly, a massive amount of heartache, in maintaining my company in good standing.
    Thank you the Delaware Intercorp Team of Experts."

    Bill Nelson


    "I did not say thank you for your help in Delaware company formation, so I will do it now.
    I am very satisfied with your service. Everything was perfect. Document pack was breath taking, beautiful. For sure, I will back to you..."

    Pawel R.
    PR Consulting


    Subject: Re: Filing Confirmation and Mail Forwarding Enrollment

    "Your business is highly appreciated, You help me incorporate my company with hassle free... I will highly recommend you to other business people in need of your service.Well done and thank you so much..."

    Jamie S. ( UK )


    Subject: Re: Non Profit Corporation

    "I appreciate your honesty and forthright response. This is good information to have before leaping off the platform into unknown waters. I am so glad to have you on the team. It is so hard to know who to trust in this great sea of opportunity--you are definitely an angelfish among the sharks. Thank you."



    Subject: Thank you

    "I was told that after incorporation/filing with the State, the papers take 2-4 days to arrive. I thought that I should give it 2-3 days for the formalities, and should expect the delivery to be at least 4 days. So give it a week at least I thought, and allow an extra 3-4 days as people never deliver as per their claims.

    I submitted online from the UK on Monday afternoon, the same day I received an acknowledgment and confirmation that the company was now formed, awaiting paperwork. The next day I got another email saying the paperwork had been dispatched. On Wednesday I received tracking updates. On Thursday morning at 8.59 am, I received the documentation. A total turnaround of 4 days from conception to delivery half way around the world! Incredible!

    The docs were meticulously put together and very easy to understand.

    I do not know of another company in this business that takes the time line so seriously. Delaware Intercorp is a credit to US Business. I salute you."



    Subject: RE: Delaware Intercorp, Inc. Order

    "I have to say I’m impressed again by your excellent service! Even faster and better than I've expected! I’m very glad that I choose your company as my agent and I'll definitely recommend your services to my friends. Btw, I’ll be honored if you’d like to use my comments on your testimonials page..."

    Yours sincerely,
    Lisa Z.


    Subject: Re: Formation Confirmation

    "Thank you for your confirmation and fast service. I appreciate this a lot."

    Jeroen N.


    Subject: Re: Cancellation Filings

    "Thank you very much for your assistance. We have over the years referred some business to you and will continue to do so, as well as use your services again in the future as necessary."

    Best Regards,


    Subject: Re: Delaware Intercorp, Inc.

    "Last week was our 10th anniversary of being your customer, and we appreciate your service. You can let Russell R know that I even recommended you on The Funded!"

    Dr. Janice Presser, CEO


    RE: Reference

    "I've been doing businesses with Delaware Intercorp, Inc. since 2000. They have processed hundreds of orders for us, and each time it was made on the highest level of professionalism. I'd like to mention Russell Rozanski and Robin Goldberg as the best professionals in their area. They offer great services with high quality and speed. And it is really great pleasure to work with Delaware Intercorp, Inc, and I'm sure, that our cooperation will be long and will brings much more positive impressions."

    Best Regards from Latvia,
    Aleksandrs Eglits
    Baltic Factoring, Ltd.



    "Dear Robin,

    You are such a sweet person ,we really appreciate your time and patience in assisting me on Incorporating our other office with you guys (Delaware Inter corp),I think you are doing a fantastic job of catering the customer right from the front ,You are leading from the front and setting an example for all of us on how to handle customers.You really made my day and eased me off with your simplicity and authenticity and timely right advice to go about , the information's that you gave were very simple and I have no words to express my gratitude to you and i really liked the way you handled all my queries with a very simple & sophisticated professional language to communicate which really carried out a message to depict that you and your team are doing the best to serve us,and that's WHAT I CALL SPIRITUAL QUOTIENT (Trust,Honesty,Integrity,Authenticity,dependability,Simplicity) AND THAT'S YOU."



    Subject: Letter of Recommendation

    "Dear Ms. Magaw:

    I just received my corporate documents package and wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your service. Delaware Intercorp made the process of incorporating easy, efficient, economical - excellent! I am a serial entrepreneur and until now have used The Company Corporation to handle my incorporating needs, but now look forward to dealing with Delaware Intercorp again in the future.

    Additionally, I am pleased to recommend your service to my colleagues.

    Thanks again for your prompt attention to my needs."

    Kathy S.
    LI Millworx Interiors


    Re: Please hold off filing dissolution filing

    "Hi, Kelly,

    Thank you very much for your excellent service and good wishes.

    It has been a pleasure to work with Delaware Intercorp; everyone there who has helped me has been so cordial and reasonable, and has given clear, practical assistance. That is a rarity in this day and age, and culture. Keep up the good work, and you can be sure that I will keep you in mind in case of future need, and that I will recommend you enthusiastically at every opportunity."

    With best regards and wishes,
    Foundation Secretary/Treasurer


    Re: Mail Forwarding and Registered Agent Service

    "I want to say that I've been very happy with your services during all these years (over 8 years already). It's been a pleasure to deal with you. If I ever need to incorporate another Delaware company I would definitely choose Delaware Intercorp again."

    Ari N.


    "Good Morning Kelly,

    You are so good and efficient. I have never seen before such a promptness, diligence and getting things done Before Time! God bless you."

    With Regards,


    "By the way, your company runs very efficiently and provide very good customer service. I don't know how big your company is but it does very good job."

    Nina Cheung
    San Jose, CA


    "Thank you very much for following up so kindly with all the companies which I intermediated to you. Your kind and professional approach is highly appreciated."

    Zoltan, attorney at law


    "Delaware Intercorp offers a fast and reliable pack of services.

    During the last 3 years, the staff of Delaware Intercorp has always provided an essential support for my company developpement helping me to comply with the numerous information requests of local administrations (Western Europe).

    The service cost is really reasonnable.

    Last but not least, the kindness in all the contacts is definitely a major asset in a long term business cooperation."

    Geophysical Trends


    RE: Excellent Service

    "Dear Robin Goldberg,

    Thank you very much for your excellent service. The documents arrived already on Thursday. It took only 3 days, that's really fast.
    Everything was 100% perfect. For sure I will recommend Delaware Intercorp to other people in the future."

    Many greetings from Germany,


    Re: Filing Confirmation

    "I received my package yesterday, thank you! I am impressed with the speed of the process and will most certainly recommend your services in the future."

    Christophe M.


    Dawn Clarke of Irish23 LLC says:

    "I received all of my paperwork today via fedex. Thank you very much for all that you've done. You made the process painless and saved me time! I will definitely recommend your services..."


    Subject: RE: Good Service

    "I'd just like to say again how friendly, positive and helpful I find the staff at Delaware Intercorp, whenever I feel the need to call. I am based in UK and find your assistance invaluable in merging both US & UK business environments and cultures. I have had no reservations in recommending you to friends and will continue to do so.

    Thank you for excellent service!”

    Bill Nelson
    CNNSuperChip Inc.


    Subject: RE: Delaware Division of Revenue License Renewal Form

    "Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help. You provide the best service I’ve ever used."



    Subject: Re: Payment confirmation - HWH Living, LLC

    "Thank you. I sincerely appreciate the personal touch. I always know, when I have a concern, that I can send an email and get a timely response."

    Mark A. Willcoxon
    HWH Living, LLC


    Subject: RE: Payment confirmation

    "I am very pleased with Delaware Intercorp and all that you work there. Excellent job!"


    Socrates Georganteas


    "As an entrepreneur living and managing her business from abroad (France) with the majority of my customers being from North America, your services and professionalism has given me a chance to set up, operate and manage my business efficiently and easily. For this reason, again I wish to thank you and your team for your flexibility, availability and professionalism.

    Thanks again!"

    Valerie L.


    Subject: RE: Delaware Intercorp, Inc. Order

    "What a great service !!!!!!!!!"

    Lipi Holding Inc.


    Subject: RE: Filing Confirmation

    "Thank you very much.
    I'm Very glad that I chose your company.
    You are very fast and helpful."

    Best Regards,
    Bar E.


    “Dear Delaware Intercorp Staff,

    I would like to thank you for stepping up and assuring that my client did not need to pay a late penalty and interest charges to the State of Delaware. It is rare these days to get such efficient and personal attention. I have recommended your services to some of my other clients in the past with the same professional and cost effective results from your staff and organization. Great job!"

    Bill G
    Tax Accountant
    Salem, MA


    “Thanks so much for your help--it is always a pleasure working with your company. In fact, I have been so pleased with your service, I recently referred my sister, and she set up an S-corp with you, too!"

    Kristin P.
    Brooklyn, NY


    “EXCELLENT SERVICES at GREAT PRICES! I've been doing businesses with Delaware Intercorp, Inc. since 2002 and dealing with them over hundreds times. They offer great services with high quality. They always reply to my questions so quickly and file documents for new companies so quickly after my orders and ship documents out on time. I usually get all my documents WITHIN A WEEK although I place orders all the way from JAPAN. I feel so comfortable to dealing with them. If you have no ideas which agent you should choose, just choose DELAWARE INTERCORP, INC! They are the one you are exactly looking for! I guarantee they give you really COST EFFECTIVE and SPEEDY SERVICES."



    Subject: RE: Important Delaware Franchise Tax Information

    "This was sooooo great that you folks made this so easy!!!!!

    Steve C.
    Kensington, MD


    "Wanted to let you all know that:

    a) quality of folder
    b) quality and compactness of the seal
    c) more importantly the content regarding different aspects of Corporation and managing a Corporation and organization of the content provided
    is head and shoulders above the stuff that I had received the last time I had incorporated... I surely see your stuff a marked improvement from what I had received last from your competitor. Feel free to mention my full name along with the company name, (it's) always a pleasure to endorse services provided by well meaning people with high level of commitment to the business."

    Umesh Chandmal Chhajed, ADU Tech Inc.
    Bridgeville, PA


    Subject: RE: Formation Confirmation

    "Thank you so much for such a detailed explanation... I really appreciate the way you treat your clients!"

    Dmitry D.


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