Quick Reference Filing Guide to Utah


Updated weekly, the pages of Utah have the look and feel of a good commercial Internet site. The focus is on keeping you informed. A comprehensive and well designed site, you can find information about the ski slopes and tourism, history, the arts, and geography. But, Utah is not called the Beehive State for nothing. The flag shows a beehive with the word industry emblazoned above it. An industrious bunch put these pages together. If you want to find out about the Business in Utah, follow their link on the front page for a fine set of pages. If all States organized their business resources this well, our pages would be easier to put together.

Business Registration

The Division of Corporations and Commercial Code, of the State Department of Commerce is responsible for registration of corporations, and other business filings with the State of Utah. Not only do they tell you where to file, and include forms for you to use, but they also go into detail on the steps you need to take, and provide examples. Theirs is a very comprehensive and helpful set of pages.


Hands down, without a doubt, the Utah State Tax Commission’s site is this reviewer’s favorite state generated tax site on the internet. Whether you are a tax professional or a tax novice, they have answers to your business and tax questions. It is refreshing to see a site this nice. If you are planning on doing business in Utah, be certain to visit this site. If you are working on a Revenue site for another state, take a look at Utah’s site for a glimpse of how well it can be done.


The Utah Code is available through an HTML index, or you can download the code in a zipped file. You can also search the code through keyword search. The Utah State Legislature is your guide to the Utah House of Representatives and the Senate. Biographical information on the legislators, budget information, bill updates, minutes of meetings, and other resources found at their site can keep you well informed of Utah government in action.