Quick Reference Filing Guide to Vermont


The website of the Green Mountain State is a no nonsense set of pages, brought to us by the Information Services Division of the Department of Libraries. They are a highly organized set of links to resources throughout Vermont, New England, and the rest of the Internet. These are fast loading pages with a minimum of graphics that can get you to where you want to go with all the skill of a good reference librarian.

Secretary of State

The Secretary of State is responsible for regulating the filing of corporations, and the registration of foreign companies. The Corporations Division of the Secretary’s Office provides considerable information, including an online guide to “Doing Business in Vermont”. Forms are also downloadable. The Secretary’s Office provides an invaluable resource on these pages. This is the best site to visit to find out about your business registration requirements under Vermont law. A good definition of what is considered “doing business” can be found in the section of the online guide concerning foreign corporations.

Business Development

The Agency of Commerce and Community Development provides some interesting and useful resources. Their many links and pages can give you an insight into conducting business in Vermont, especially the ThinkVermont.com pages.


The Vermont Department of Taxes is your resource to finding out about income tax, sales, and property taxes, withholding information, and many other subjects. Be certain to check out the technical bulletins on their pages for information regarding taxation of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.


The Vermont Legislative Homepage is home to Vermont Statutes Online, as well as a daily updated listing of bills, calendars, and journals under consideration by the legislature. Also to be found is a legislative bill tracking service, legislative rules, and a directory to use to contact Vermont legislators. Recommended is the virtual tour of the Vermont State House (A Walk Through the State House).. What better way for the representatives and senators to make you feel at home than for them to take you on a tour of their home.