Quick Reference Filing Guide to Virginia


The Virginia Information Providers Network have packaged a complete website, where citizens are offered many online services, potential citizens can view the richness of Virginia, and tourists can take more than one virtual tour through the commonwealth. VIP Net is well organized, and very colorful. The pictures are stunning, and the information provided is first class. The pages are frequently updated, and every single page is painstakingly crafted with pride and dedication to show you the best Virginia has to offer. The business link from the front brings you to a large selection of the Commonwealth’s agencies and services.

Business Registration

The Office of the Clerk of the State Corporation Commission is the office you must register with to do business in Virginia. They process a large amount of the filings required by law for various business entities, and record, and allow public access to these filings. Information regarding the duties of the Clerk’s office, how to contact them, and the type of information which is required to be filed with their office is detailed at their site. You can download a “Business Registration Guide” in pdf format, which helps to explain the business formation process in Virginia.

Business Development

Some interesting demographics about the citizens and resources of the Commonwealth are described by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership. The Partnership is a non-profit organization aiming to promote economic development in Virginia. The Economic Development Media Center located at their site can give you an idea of the work they perform. If you are working on a business plan, this may be a useful organization to contact. Fill out the form at their site to get in touch with them.


One of the steps involved in starting a business in Virginia is registering with the Virginia Department of Taxation. The forms to do so are available for download at their site, as is more information regarding the department’s functions and responsibilities. They will assign you a Virginia Tax Identification Number after you have registered. They also define at their site, what is considered “doing business” in Virginia is for taxation purposes, and are generally very helpful. They encourage your comments and questions. Theirs is a highly recommended set of pages to visit before you start your business.


At the Legislative Information System, you can search through the Code of Virginia, the Virginia Administrative Code, and review the status of Bills and Resolutions. You can also peruse minutes, meeting schedules, and session statistics. A comprehensive look at the history, rules, and functions of the House of Delegates, the Senate, and the General Assembly rounds out this outstanding legislative information source. The opportunity is also available to take part in the shaping of Virginia law by sending comments to the Virginia legislators by email, or through a toll free hot-line number listed in their site.