Quick Reference Filing Guide to Washington


One thing that seems to surprise people conducting research on the internet is the popularity of government websites. But all one has to do is visit a site like Access Washington, to understand the attraction. Access Washington is the place for Washington Government information and services. Their site is large, easy to navigate, and filled with information. Not only that, it’s fun. Take the WaWizQuiz, and test your knowledge of Washington State. As a resource to find out what’s going on in the Evergreen State, you'd be hard pressed to find more information in one place.

Secretary of State

The Secretary of State oversees the Corporations Division - the place to go to when wanting to incorporate, or form a limited liability company in Washington, or to register one of those entities as a foreign organization. Forms for Corporations are now available from the Secretary’s office. There is also some information regarding different business structures your company can take. Of note is the oral history section, which is a unique and fascinating glimpse into the history of Washington.


The Master License Service of the Department of Licensing will send you a personalized Business License Package at your request. Visit their site for the details. There are a number of questions you will need to answer when you order your package. The questions are listed online, so you can prepare your answers before you call. In addition to information about licensing, the package will include most of the forms you need to be set up in Washington. You can also download a free booklet from their site, called: “Operating a Business in Washington State: A Business Resource Guide”, which is a very nice resource. Information regarding trade name registration may also be found through the department.


A very good introduction to business taxes can be located at the Washington State Department of Revenue web site, by clicking one of the links under the heading “Starting a Business” Not only do these pages do a fine job of introducing you to business tax obligations, but they also do a great job of steering you to other business information on the State of Washington’s web pages.


The legislative pages are chock -full of information. Pending bill information, members reports and rosters are also accessible. Once again, there’s an element of fun on these Washington pages - visit the Kid’s Page and learn some interesting facts about the State - a recommended stopping point on the legislative pages. The Revised Code of Washington is present at a Law and Codes page from the State.