Quick Reference Filing Guide to Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C.

Come visit Washington, D.C., and learn how the capitol of the U.S.A. handles the incorporation process. Theirs is an informative site that helps treat you to the pulse of the nation. Curious about how the District of Columbia is governed? These pages will give you some insight into the history of the District, current events, available services, and tourism attractions. Services to local businesses are detailed within their Business Resource Center. If you are planning on visiting in person, be certain to stop by Washington.org for a vast number of things to do and see, and places to stay.

Business Information

A fairly comprehensive set of business forms, guidelines, and instruction sheets, are available for download on the Washington, D.C., pages, from the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. Information on business licenses may also be found on the Department’s main page.

Other Business Resources

Educational, mentoring and other resources are available through your local Small Business Administration.

The Internal Revenue's Small Business/Self Employed Pages provide a tremendous amount of information on business, business structures, and taxes. Worth spending time at before you begin to take the steps to start a corporation or limited liability company.

One of the best places on the net to come up with a business plan is through a non profit organization's free site at: My Own Business.

Visit our Small Business Reading Room for links to business articles, books, and online magazines.

For some other helpful links, check out our Business Links, and International Business Links pages.

Findlaw.com is the web site for information about the laws and courts of the State of Washington D.C.. Findlaw can help you find an attorney, locate statutes and much more.

A Small Business Directory is an interesting site from a number of online businesses who have joined together in the Creative Enterprises Network. Their community is an excellent example of what can happen when a number of small and home based businesses work together to share ideas and resources.