Quick Reference Filing Guide to West Virginia

West Virginia

The Mountain State has done an excellent job of providing links to services for citizens, and information for visitors on their main page. There is so much information available from their page, that you could learn a considerable amount about West Virginia were you were to spend the time browsing their links. Given that there are many colorful images, and well written text, it would not be time wasted.

Secretary of State

West Virginia's Secretary of State has made certain that enough information is available concerning forming and registering a business in West Virginia, that you'll be glad that you visited the site. Nicely done, the pages are well organized, provide forms, and include links to other agencies in the State for other aspects of starting and maintaining a business in West Virginia.

Business Development

The West Virginia’s Economic Development Office's site is artistic, informative, and impressive looking. They do a great job of selling West Virginia as a location to place your business.


The West Virginia Tax Commission is serious about keeping you informed of taxation issues and offer many publications and information. Business tax and registration forms are available.


At the West Virginia Legislature’s site, you can review a daily summary of legislative activity, and contact West Virginia legislators. State statutes are available, and are searchable. The kid's page is a lot of fun, with facts about West Virginia, a matching game, and images of the symbols of the State. It’s a recommended stop for kids of all ages.