Quick Reference Filing Guide to Wisconsin


Wisconsin’s portal to e-government on the web focuses on making government information free for all, timely, and helpful. They’ve captured a considerable amount of information on their pages, and the business information online is indeed quite helpful. From the front page, follow their business links to find the many agencies that are involved in regulating business in Wisconsin.

Business Registration

The Department of Financial Institutions is the agency in Wisconsin responsible for regulating business filings. Forms and fee schedules may be found on their pages, as well securities and UCC information. This site’s focus is upon providing service.

Commerce Department

An understanding of business financing and permits, taxes and licenses in Wisconsin may be gained through the Department of Commerce. This is a good site to use to gather insight into Wisconsin’s business atmosphere, especially the offerings on their Business page.


Wisconsin provides some straight up answers to your tax questions at the Wisconsin Department of Revenue web site. Especially recommended are the “Frequently Asked Questions” pages, which are well written, and very informative.


The Wisconsin Legislature has provided an index of the Wisconsin Statutes where you can download individual chapters, and search off- line. You also have the option of searching through the Statutes online if you desire. The Legislature has an interesting site where you can find individual web pages for each legislator, and timely and descriptive information on pending bills and amendments.