Quick Reference Filing Guide to Wyoming


Simple, straightforward, and unassuming, Wyoming’s website gives you the sense that smaller states do try harder. This is an entertaining and educational site where you can take a virtual tour of the state county by county, engage in a discussion on topical subjects, learn about the state and its government, and take advantage of a large number of online services. The resources available to those starting a business are worth looking over if you are interested in conducting business in Wyoming.

Secretary of State

The Secretary of State is available online, as is the capability to check on the status of any business entity registered in Wyoming. Follow the “Quick links” link for the easiest way to find information on the Secretary’s pages. Annual reports may now also be filed online.

The Secretary’s Public Access to Rules provides much information regarding the guidelines Wyoming State agencies follow, including those of the Secretary’s Office. The commonly asked questions part of the Corporations section not only gives some helpful answers regarding business entities and regulations, but also provides some useful email addresses if you have any other questions.


Find out about sales, use and property taxes at the Wyoming Department of Revenue web site. Wyoming does not have a personal nor a corporate income tax. According to the Department, there are no plans to create such a tax. You can find much information about the property taxes in Wyoming on the Department's pages.


Being able to review the laws on your own is one of the features of living in a democracy. A fine set of legislative pages, including statutes, pending legislation, legislative schedules, addresses and email addresses of legislators, and much more, can be found on Wyoming’s pages. If you're interested in how a law is made, this is a great place to go to learn, and to become involved.