An overview of Domestication

What is Domestication?

In Delaware, domestication is the transfer of an existing non-United States entity to an entity in this State, changing the jurisdiction of the company.

This will allow you to take advantage of all of the benefits of being a Delaware company while retaining your original incorporation date that the company first came into existence in the non-United States jurisdiction and continuing to be deemed the same entity.

You can also change your company’s business structure at the same time if your attorney or accountant has advised you that it would be best for your individual circumstances.

The Domestication Process in Delaware

How can I Domesticate to a Delaware Company?

To domesticate a non-United States entity to a Delaware company is a two document filing process in which both the Certificate of Domestication and Certificate of Incorporation/Formation documents are filed simultaneously.

The Delaware Division of Corporations provides general templates for these filings. Our staff would be happy to assist you with the domestication process by forwarding you the documentation to get started, and then filing the completed documents with the Delaware Division of Corporations.

Cost to Domesticate in Delaware

What will Delaware Domestication Cost?

Cost depends on a variety of factors, and the cost for each client will vary according to their specific needs.

  • The basic cost to Domesticate to a Stock Corporation is $402.00.

  • The basic cost to Domesticate to a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is $389.00.

In both cases, this includes the minimum state filing fees and the 1st year registered agent fee.

You will receive a date and time stamped copy of the filing at no additional cost. Some additions to consider can be reviewed here.

Once we understand your specific needs, we will be able to provide you with a customized quote.

File a Domestication in Delaware

How do I place an order for domestication?

Please contact a customer service specialist for ordering instructions. We’ll need to know if the non-US entity is a Corporation or LLC and if you will be domesticating to Delaware Corporation or LLC.

Please note that in addition to what is required by the Delaware Division of Corporations, you may have other considerations that you will need to research independently or with the assistance of your attorney or accountant.

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