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Monday, January 30, 2012

In the Business of Love: Valentine’s Day Opportunities

Flowers, chocolates, cards, dinner and more; Valentine’s Day is the holiday that is for spending in the name of love. Small Businesses in the listed industries can expect a larger profit around this time of year. What about all of the other small businesses? There is actually some profit available for you, too. You may have to spend a little to get more customers though.

  • Create a Valentine’s Day Contest – Make new customers aware of your brand by sponsoring a contest for people who like your Facebook page or Follow you on Twitter. Award a dinner for two or a vacation weekend.
  • Create Valentine’s Day Surveys – Use your social media to entice people to post their thoughts on Valentine’s Day related posts to find out what people like. Employ that data to gear your product line towards your audience, when possible. Receive a bigger return on your investment by offering promotional items for using target products, based on what your audience likes.
  • Create a special Valentine’s Day brand – Create some special inventory just for Valentine’s Day that people can purchase. You can create heart shaped items or just include the holiday in names of items.
  • Valentine’s Day Pictures – You can use office space to have customers come in and get pictures taken for Valentine’s Day.
  • Valentine’s Day Advertising – Make new catchy advertising that deals with the holiday for your business or create a Valentine’s Day sale.
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts – Create gift bags with a Valentine’s Day theme for clients and new customers.

There are plenty of opportunities for your business to use Valentine’s Day no matter the industry.

Have you successfully used a Valentine’s Day theme in the past? Look to expand, or re-launch, past successes for holiday promotions – or try a new idea. With a little creativity, you can keep your expenses to a minimum.

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