Delaware Business Services

Delaware Intercorp, Inc., would like to make using your Delaware entity as easy as setting one up is.

Towards that end, we provide a variety of business programs and back office services that you may find useful in operating your business.

Please note that some of these business services are only available to companies using the registered agent services of Delaware Intercorp. For those specific programs, your company must be in good standing (with no past due invoices) in order to subscribe. Information and order forms for creating a new entity online or for switching your registered agent to Delaware Intercorp, Inc., are available on this site for free!

How does it work?

The pages linked to below will provide comprehensive descriptions of the services we offer, as well as an easy online form you can complete to place your order.

The differences between some programs, such as mail forwarding, virtual office services and the business presence package, are subtle and may allow critical differentiation for tax purposes.

Delaware Intercorp, Inc., is a low cost, high value provider of business filing, registered agency and office support services. As such, we must leave all accounting and legal matters to appropriately licensed and regulated professionals with specialized knowledge.

If requested, we are happy to provide referrals to local tax and legal advisers who may be able to help you determine which of our services are best for you.

Why use one of these Business Services?

There are several business plans that could benefit from the virtual office and business presence packages we offer.

Consider the software developer from Chicago, Los Angeles or wherever they may be in the USA. The firm or developer may create a Delaware entity and use the presence package or the virtual office package to run the business in the USA.

Or consider the small business person who resides in the United States but not in Delaware. She may not want to use her home address since making that public may result in unwanted solicitations by phone and in person. By using the virtual office service we provide, she can make Delaware the address of her company. Her private phone line will not be tied up with business calls and business can get through to her without her letting the world know her private number.

Some companies may want to use our services to share in the prestige that goes along with being a Delaware company. By purchasing one of our services, not only is your company incorporated in Delaware, but it can also have a Delaware mailing address and voicemail/fax number for you to provide your clients. You can also purchase our Business Presence Package and obtain a Delaware business license.

If you have further questions about the services you may email us at