Changing Your Corporate Registered Agent to Delaware Intercorp

Why Do You Need a Registered Agent?

The obvious answer is because the State requires that you have one. But there are other reasons. If you open a bank account, you may need documents from the State of Delaware showing that your company really exists, or that it is in good standing as a Delaware corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC). You may also need those documents when you register as a foreign corporation in other states or countries. Your agent should be able to get those documents for you quickly, and at a low price.

Your agent should also be able to respond to your questions about the formation and maintenance of your company, or be able to refer you to professionals who can help you when you have questions.

If you want to change your company's name, dissolve your company, transform it from a corporation to a limited liability company or vice versa, inquire about taxes; your agent should be able to help you or point you towards an attorney or accountant who is qualified to respond to your inquiry.

The agent that you choose is your intermediary between your company and the State of Delaware. That means that if you have questions, your agent should be able to help you find answers.

The relationship between a Delaware Registered Agent and a Delaware company is a simple one, and shouldn't be part of the day-to-day concerns of operating your business. But when you need your agent, your agent should be responsive.

The Cost of Changing Registered Agents:

The cost of our registered agent services is $99 a year.

The State of Delaware's Filing Charge to change your registered agent:

  • Stock or Close Corporation -- $50.00
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) -- $50.00
  • Limited Partnership (LP) -- $50.00

If you switch to Delaware Intercorp from your current registered agent, we will:

  • Pay your entire State filing fee!,
  • prepare and send you the necessary paperwork for signature and filing with the state.

Total costs, including filing fee and first year's registered agent service:

  • Stock or Close Corporation -- $99.00.
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) -- $99.00.
  • Limited Partnership (LP) -- $99.00

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What does Delaware Intercorp, Inc., do for $99.00 per year?

We will file your change of registered agent forms with the Division of Corporations in the State of Delaware. It is possible to effect other changes at the time of change of registered agent. If you would like to custom design your own documents we would be glad to file them for you.

We will forward your payment of fees to the various agencies with your funds. All funds must clear to our account before they will be disbursed. We cannot process credit card refunds of disbursed moneys.

We will be your Registered Agent in the State of Delaware. This will include keeping our office open during normal business hours to satisfy the requirements of the state. The following items will be repackaged, re-stamped, and forwarded on to you at no expense as part of our registered agent service:

  • Correspondence from the Delaware Secretary of State.
  • Legal Service of Process. In the event process is served upon your corporation at our office,
    we will email a copy of the service to you within 24 hours. The original documents will be retained for thirty (30) days before they are shredded.

We will provide a local referral resource in Delaware. Should you need a local attorney, accountant or other service provider, call us for a referral. We believe you should know as much as possible about how corporations are formed and what is required to maintain your corporation in good standing. We will direct you to the information that you need to help prevent penetration beyond the corporate veil. Remember, a sound corporate structure is the best defense for your personal assets.

The prices we quote are for companies in good standing with the Division of Corporations. If your company is no longer in good standing, you will need to pay the outstanding balance owed to the Division of Corporations before they will allow a change of Registered Agent to be filed. We can check the status of your company with our online connection to the Division's database. Contact us if that is a concern, and we will check on your behalf.

Your registered agent annual fee will be $99.00 a year thereafter.

Why Does Delaware Require a Registered Agent?

The Delaware Legislature wrote this requirement into the Delaware Corporate Law, and the Delaware Partnership Law for a couple of reasons:

So that the State has an address in Delaware where the company can be reached, through their agent, during normal business hours. In the event of a law suit being brought against the company in Delaware - in other words, an address where service of process may be made upon the company.

A company which has no office in Delaware needs a place for the State to send information and franchise tax notices. Note that a company with an office in Delaware, which keeps normal business hours can act as their own registered agents after filing the proper paperwork with the State.

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