Privacy Policy

We demonstrate our commitment to your privacy every day by keeping all correspondence strictly private. We provide this policy for public review so you will know up front what information we gather from our website.

Delaware Intercorp, Inc., maintains a very strict policy regarding the privacy of our clients and the confidential information they provide. This policy covers two areas:

Internet Security:

* Information gathering policy
* Order encryption for personal and credit card security
* Alternative non-internet based ordering options
* Virus scanning

Records Maintenance:

* A vigorous records destruction policy
* No sale of our client lists.

Internet Security Policy:

Delaware Intercorp, Inc., will not gather information from our customers who merely browse our website. We maintain generic web logs of the number of visitors and the dates and times of the visit only. The only time information will be gathered from our clients is when they provide the information when creating an account or on a designated form (ordering or payment).

The order area of is protected by Secure Sockets Layer technology provided by GoDaddy. We use the highest level of encryption available to secure the payment and other personal information provided to us by our customers.

We offer ordering options that don't involve the Internet for those who are uncomfortable with the order process on the net. Simply print out the last page of the order form and fax it to us to keep the transaction information off of the Internet. Or contact us by phone - toll-free in the USA.

All files that go on our website are scanned for viruses before uploading. We often provide documents to our clients via email and all of those items are scanned before mailing.

Some Internet Privacy Tools:

Anonymous surfing through or

Personal firewall software from: or

Learn about Privacy issues on the Net: The Electronic Frontier Foundation and The Electronic Privacy Information Center

Records Maintenance Policy:

Delaware Intercorp, Inc., does not maintain any confidential customer information on its web server.

The personnel at Delaware Intercorp, Inc. will not release information on any of our customers without an order from the Courts or specific legal authority of the State of Delaware or U.S. Government. We apologize if this causes any difficulties, but it is for your security.

Delaware Intercorp, Inc., has been approached repeatedly by marketers who want to buy our client list. These firms send broadcast emails to all of the incorporation firms in Delaware that are online. ONLY Delaware Intercorp, Inc., and one other firm have responded to EVERY approach with an open letter to our colleagues denouncing this kind of practice.

At Delaware Intercorp, Inc., we try to be as honest and up front with our clients as we can. We do not sell mailing lists. We do not make promises that we cannot keep and we try to demonstrate our respect for our clients in everything we do.